Discover a better workplace - 
using smart offices, hybrid work strategies, 
and fully-remote environments.
Reshaping modern workplaces to face 
the new normal
Industry Insights
Explore three possible workplace scenarios: Return to the Office, Hybrid Working, and Total Remote Work.
What's inside?
The three pathways
Market forecasts
Get in-depth analysis on market activity and user behaviours.
Trends and insights
Examine evolutions in working 
habits and demands, and how to 
manage them.
Discover productivity strategies and measures for every workplace setting.
Digital solutions
Enhance employee wellbeing 
with proptech implementations.
Productivity measures
Read comprehensive insights analyses from leading experts in the field.
Industry-wide analyses
Discover the future of the new workplace, with dedicated technologies and policies 
to prepare for any likely scenarios.
Challenge the New Normal of today, with solutions designed to keep employees productive in both 
face-to-face, and digital settings.
Redefine your workplace, 
and challenge the new normal
Explore the smart, remote, and hybrid
age of the new normal.
Welcome to the new normal
Unleash a new era of connectivity, productivity, and wellbeing.
Build stronger relationships –
with physical, virtual, and holistic 
Establish a smart office or virtual workplace.
Strengthen the workplace, with market insights, optimisations, and connectivity.
Unlock the potentials of the new office, remote arrangement, or hybrid setting.
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workplace now.
Zonifero is the digital layer of your workplace. It is a mobile - first platform created to help companies optimise their resources and improve productivity. Zonifero auguments your workspace by leveraging IoT and smart building integrations and provides a guide to your organisation and office, creating a frictionless experience for your employees and guests.
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